Pirelli Perfect Fit


Concha y Toro Valleys

Giudizio Universale

Giudizio Universale



Crucero Fantastico

Crucero Fantastico



Frontera Eclipse

Kick in the Beanz

Falabella 3D stills

Falabella 3D stills

OSN image pitch

Atlanta Falcons

Sky Atlantic HD Pitch

More Projects / Boards / R&D

Snake modeling, rigging, animation and render for Vivint.
Short animation for one of the more iconic and beautiful bottle of Chilean vineyard VIK,
La Piu Belle.
Client: VIK vineyard and Hotel
Agency: Buenasuerte
Concept and Direction: Felipe Sepulveda, Bernardo San Martin, Daniel Gonzalez
Art Direction and visuals development: Vulka

Client: feat Miley Cyrus     /     Production Company:   Dipdive     /     Animation & VFX:   Piratas & Believe

Working as the disappeared studio and merging forces with our old friends of, we made the post production, VFX and animation for & Miley Cyrus's music video Feelin' myself, with special guests Wiz Khalifa and French Montana.

Nothing to Celebrate
A short movie about the Chilean Holidays
Animated capsule done as part of an introductory video for Kapspargo.
#healthcare animation
Video for Sky Networks.
Produced with BonsaiNinja Studio from Milan.
Pharmacyclics Mision and Vision done as
Design and Animation: Cesar Carvallo and Felipe Medina
#healthcare animation
Prints for 5 Step process about PRRS virus control.
Agency: Utoka
Direction: Ed Dye
Production and Animation done as for the insurance carrier GENERALLI
Agency: Anima Boutique
Production Lead: Misha Lagerstedt
Art Direction: Ville Salervo
Animation Lead: Jorge Pozo
Video for LG 4K tv's.
Agency: Utoka
Production and edition: Ken Soons
3D and tracking: Cesar Carvallo, Gonzalo Aravena
Motion graphics: Felipe Medina
Motion Graphics for Roche Labs.
Agency: Utoka
#Healthcare animation
Event screens animation for Rotometrics, working with great director Pedro Gajardo.
The timing and size of this project was quite a challenge. What you see came out straight from the 3D software. No post needed!