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This is Vulka

Art Direction / Motion graphics / Design & Animation / 3D & VFX

We are Vulka, a design and animation studio founded by César Carvallo and Cristian Pasciani.
We have been creating outstanding CGI since 2006 with some of the biggest production companies in Chile, the U.S, Canada, the U.K, Italy, Turkey, and other countries all over the world, working abroad or remotely in a wide range of projects, with variety of clients and styles, from small businesses to international brands. We get ourselves involved from the very first drafts to the final delivery of the finest pieces of animation and VFX.

Personalized attention is our signature. We have no fear of getting our hands dirty… our clients just love that!

Let us take care of your next creative challenge!


Cesar Carvallo G.
3D Director

Skype: hxcesar

Cristian Pasciani Z.
Art Director

Skype: cristianpasciani


Find Us:

Jaime Eyzaguirre 9, Suite 5.
Santiago, Chile

It is always a pleasure to meet talented people.
If you are interested in working with us, make featured work, an internship, or just to say hi, don`t hesitate to drop us a line.